To start using Glassific, first thing print out the marker you can find at the bottom of this page on the right.

After sticking the marker on pen, login through the form on the right (or subscribe if you didn't do it yet) and press on the camera icon in the middle of the page.

Enjoy your glass!
What is Glassific?
Glassific provides a new way of interacting with computers as it simulates the presence of a Virtual Glass between the user and the webcam. The Virtual Glass holds a set of tools that can be visualized by approaching the Glassific Marker to it. Glassific works entirely through the browser and doesn't require any additional explicit installation on your computer.
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About Glassific
Glassific is an Online Collaboration Tool based on Augmented Reality and it is a product from Calameda. Calameda can be contacted at the address
The future of Glassific
Calameda is currently working on the full version of Glassific that will allow users to run a full video-conferencing session enhanced with the various sets of glasses. Each virtual glass will address a specific field like the business glass, the entertainment glass, the scientific class and so on.
Print the Glassific marker
Printing and sticking the marker below to a normal pen, will provide you the pointer with which it is possible to interact with Glassific by waving it in the air.
Glassific marker
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